The 7-Day Seoul Trip

So yeah, I went to Seoul! Yeay yeay yeay! Like finally after a whole year craving to come. I'm going to dedicate this post to shar...

So yeah, I went to Seoul! Yeay yeay yeay!
Like finally after a whole year craving to come. I'm going to dedicate this post to share stories, experiences, and details about my trip. Here we go!

Once upon a time, there was this gal. She's not that into Korean lifestyle nor a big fan of K-pop. Yet she loved pretty places, preppy clothes, and trees and streets with fresh air to breathe. So it's Seoul.
She found a picture of autumn in Seoul on the internet with streets and changing color trees, printed and patched it to a board and hung it on the wall of her room.

And her life continued...

Until one day, her friend called about cheap budget flight tickets to Seoul. And then her life's spinning again.

So guys, if you have this one place you want to visit so bad but only have limited budget, always check on cheap budget airlines, which in this case I used AirAsia. Even if you have enough budget to travel in luxury, why spend much on flights, while you can use it as an extra for your shopping splurge. But this is just my opinion, so if you feel like you have to travel in comfort (yes, going abroad could take hours on plane depends on the destination), then pick the one that suits you well.

1. Get your ticket secured
Whenever you found a good price, hurry and pay for it. Cheap tickets won't last long. You have to click the button as soon as possible because you have people around the world that might looking for the same thing as you.

2. Hotel deal
After you secure your tickets, next step is to book your hotel. I got everything done on You can book it for free and pay it on arrival. It helps so much especially on peak times where people are hunting hotels for holidays. I picked a comfy guesthouse at Hongdae and Itaewon. Both places are popular in Seoul as places where youngsters gather.

3. Apply for visa
This one is a bit tricky. The terms and charge may be vary to countries around the world. In Indonesia I have to pay Rp 540,000 or about 42 USD per September 2016. Please be informed that a single entry visa is required for 90 days only. If you want to visit regularly, apply for multi entry visa.

4. List the itinerary 
This is a must. Wasting time just wandering around without having a plan is a big NO. You want to make the trip a meaningful and beautiful one, right? So make details of places to go, things to do, what food to try, kinds of transportation to take, and anything else you wish to do. Spare some time to plan the trip, browse any desired spot to be visited, ask friends and families especially the ones who've been going to that place. But the most important thing, your trip will be your own experience. So pick the places that will suit you well. Reviews help a lot when deciding things.

In this trip, I took with me 1 cabin baggage (maximum 7 kg for AirAsia) and 1 backpack. Here's the list of the things I brought:

  • 2 jackets, 3 turtlenecks
  • 1 pants, 1 skirt
  • Toiletries 
  • Toy camera, charger, socks, water bottle, medicine
  • Mini travel note and a book to read on the plane
To save space inside your travel bag, roll the clothes and use any left room. Especially that you will need more room for the things you're going to buy during the trip.

Day 1
Scrolled around Hongdae, taking first autumn leaves shots at Hongdae Playground. Also we headed to this cute shop called Veronica Effect that sells vintage picture books. I've been craving for old school socks with stripes like this and successfully found it all around Hongdae Market. Don't miss local music acts and street graffiti performances at nights
Day 2
Next stop was Seoul World Cup Stadium that's close to Haneul Park. To reach the park, you should follow the signs, walk to the street, and climb numbers of steps. It was worth the view though! When we came, the view was so amazing, colors were great, plus the cool air made it even perfect. Last stop for the day, we visited Ewha Womans University which has lots and lots of girls fashion items. It was autumn when I came, so they sold mostly warm outfit. The price was really good. So many socks and sweatshirts choices I bought several. Can't stand the cuteness!
Day 3
The third day we went to Yeouido Park which lays in Yeongdeungpo District. If you need fresh air and lots of walk, come and join the fun in here. We met an old friend and we ate at a small local restaurant that serves yummy Korean traditional dish. It's a must to taste the local food when you're traveling abroad. Not getting tired even a bit, we headed to Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, and Garosu-gil street. It's a famous area where you can shop at expensive boutiques and if you are lucky enough, you can see drama shootings or even meet the celebrities. All after, we headed to Seoul Forest and saw like 5 couples doing wedding shots. Pile of changing color trees definitely a lovely background to those brides and grooms picture. Last stop we went across the street and found this fun Under Stand Avenue with colorful containers that are turned into fancy cafes. Nice spot for taking pictures!
Day 4
Again we met a couple of friends (so good to meet old friends!) and headed to Myeong-dong to shop and had kimbap for lunch. All around you can see palaces, crossroads, offices buildings, huge post office, and big area of markets. If you want to get great deal of skin care, buy it here at Myeong-dong. I bought aloe vera and snail face masks, exfoliating product, also face water cleanser. Also they have lots of selection of key chain, socks, metal food ware, and traditional cloth if you want to get souvenirs with affordable price
Day 5
Today we went to National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) and Bukchon Hanok Village. It's freezing cold so I bought a gray long warm sweater here. Then we visited a friend's house, had a delicious dinner, and got into those nostalgic talks. So fun! 
Day 6
Sunday, we went to church at Gangnam-gu area and continued our walks at Seorae Village. Here we took lots of pictures of traditional houses, fancy alleys, and beautiful view from the bridge. It was a bright day, so we kinda happy to be soaked by the sunshine, so fresh! In the evening we went to Banpo Bridge, waited couple of hours to see the colorful rainbow fountain in the middle of the cold!
Day 7
On the last day, we went to Dongdaemun Market, a thrift store named  Gwanjang Market, and our final stop was Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Center where we spent all the last pennies here. Shop for lyfe!

Over all, here's my thought about Seoul:

  • Fresh air with pretty colors in autumn, visiting parks are very recommended!
  • Lots and lots of cute alleys
  • So cold! Perfect to wear layered outfit
  • Make sure to bring hand and foot cream with you
  • Foods are delicious, from street stall to proper restaurant, all is so good!
  • Basically Seoul is nestled and surrounded by mountainous and hilly ground, so put on your most comfy shoes to avoid sore and tired foot
  • Skin care and beauty shops are everywhere! Prepare your cash and have a blast!
  • And the list goes on
all pictures by Arum and camera self-timer

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