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Hello precious people! I'm going to list random things that I like-right here right now-anything I fond of that comes into my mind wh...

Hello precious people!I'm going to list random things that I like-right here right now-anything I fond of that comes into my mind while writing this post.This is so much fun, I hope that I'm not overwhelmed by all the 'me likey' ones that pop in my head. Shall we?

1. City Mapsyep, I like those confusing lines that form into complicated mazes, especially the ones from foreign country that the language I'm not familiar to. It's fun to follow the red, black, blue lines. If you happen to have old vintage city maps, I'd love to collect it. Whenever my friends or family go to overseas, instead of hoping for souvenirs (would be keychain for sure) I'd prefer to ask for maps. It's free and fun.Alright, so now you know2. Making Unnecessary Moves and Unfunny Jokesso yes, I'm pretty awkward, not can't-talk-awkward but kind of too-much-thinking-awkward.Like I think too much of what to say and what to do in certain circumstances.So instead of talking and standing still, I might move aimlessly haha, this might be a little weird but it's not that bad. I also sometimes broke into not really funny joke but I found hilarious. I like laughing. Is that weird? To love laughing. Hahaha, see? I'm laughing even in a post *sigh*3. Reading & WritingThese two are my favorite things to do to spend my me-time. I have a pile of sealed fresh notebooks and journals, in case I'm running out of space to write. I produce small notes, song titles, even shopping lists.I like reading love stories, thrill and mystery ones, stories about people and history. In the future, I think I'm going to be a children's book writer. It would be fun  :D4. T-shirt & Mom JeansI'm not wearing it in this post, but lately I've been nestling myself into mom jeans and tucked-in t-shirt like a lot! Nothing can beat the comfyness, and it's also embracing my tiny figure. It's not too much, looks fine on me, and I feel great in it. Well, right now these four are the ones I could think of. Note : I'm having my office leave, that's why I can have some time to write this. 

-photos by steffi

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  1. I love the t-shirt and mom jeans trend too, it really is super flattering on petite girls! Love this outfit too girly xx

  2. Great outfit and amazing pictures !
    If you want that we follow each other,let me know :)


  3. The thrill of trying to understand foreign maps! I get what you are talking about..