In the Middle

Talking about personalities, it's always been an interesting issue to dig about. Every person ...

Talking about personalities, it's always been an interesting issue to dig about. Every person you meet is unique. Probably have similarities, but not exact. I find this really interesting.
As an introvert slash observer slash considerate person, it's quite easy for me to understand people and to see things through their goggles. 
Even some crazy decisions of someone sometimes make sense to me.
It just feels like I swim through their eyes, to the heads and minds and not being judgmental of the path they choose.

After learning international law studies, I think I'm going to take psychology for my next turn. What about writing a book, like my own book, that would be cool. Say whaat?

You might want to know what's going on in my head? Pretty intense maybe? Well, the fact is, it is not. It's quite simple inside here. I like it to keep it casual this way. 

And oh, handling yourself when you bump into kinds of situation, it really shows the real you. 
I mean, I never knew how it would be like to fall in love, to get ugly scores at school, to get tons of cute stuff, to be left behind, to eat disgusting food, to be in pretty rough situation, to have unbelievable trip, to be involved in something dangerous, the list goes on..

But when I get through all of it, I kinda find myself, quite surprising that I could overstep something I think I wouldn't. 

Like who even thought I could get through long distance relationship? 
Me myself? Um, nu uh. 

Flying across the island to run for the job I've dream?
I have big guts here to leave my hometown.

And any other huge things I think I couldn't take on but the fact I did. Yay for that!

It's a yes that I still got so much to learn here, but yet I have nothing to regret. Unwanted things happen for sure.
Might feel hard-slightly but you can get over it.

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  1. I have the same exact personality as you! I work part-time in retail, and although I can encounter really mean customers at times, I can never help but see that their may be another reason for their attitude.