My Shopping Facts ♥

the more I think about it, the more I'm excited what makes you excited? think about it there are times when you bought fancy clothe...

the more I think about it, the more I'm excited
what makes you excited? think about it

there are times when you bought fancy clothes but ended up wearing it only twice
it's pricey but you just couldn't take your eyes off it
it even entered your dream.
okay okay, then you buy it.
and wear it just twice
for me, buying new stuff is always exciting
when it's the pay day, and you just run (literally) to the mall after work to get anything you desire
it feels like heaven
my shopping facts (you might want to know)

1. when I wanted a thing so bad, I browsed it on the internet like million times. first, checking the real price. then, finding which store selling the exact item and store selling the 'look alike' ones with cheaper price. also checking discounts and just strolled around for days and days and days.
I won't buy it if I'm not sure enough to do so.

2. discounted items at stores won't last even a day. and sometimes it is the last piece and only size. so if you found a thing you like, just grab it that second. 
I still remember that bitter feeling when I found a yellow Zara coat, but left it to check other stores. when I came back, it's gone!! to recover the pain (haha) I bought a Stradivarius yellow one (it's a bit pricey). but you know that feeling, when it's so close yet too late. 

3. better regret of buying things than regret of not buying things. you will get your paycheck the upcoming month, but the products might not be produced again. ever. so grab it fast (haha)

4. the store staff sometimes too lazy to get us the exact size we want. even when they have it, they say they don't. probably they are too tired dealing with customers all day long. last weekend, I found this cute white sneakers and asked for my size. they said it's out of stock. I checked the other shelf and there it was. the one and only size left. yeayness!
don't easily get mad to the staff. check all shelf, ask the store manager, or visit the other branch store with less customers. if you are lucky enough, you'll get what you want.

5. do not underestimate unbranded small store. most of their products is just the same with the bigger store. shop wisely. you'll get great items with cheaper price. 

6. feeling like broke but still want to shop? go to malls, stroll around all those dresses, shoes or whatever, pick your loved ones by heart, then go to thrift store and find the similar ones. you'll get high end look with great price.

7. save some money! don't just waste it on clothes or shoes or bag. save it for holidays, for books, for healthy food and for life savings. (I'm still learning to do so though)
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  1. fantastic photos!!

  2. There are times, when I think too much whether to buy sth or not : O

  3. Great products! O
    I'm following you 1157, I hope you can follow me back <3

  4. Definitely agree with your second point! I once saw a white lace top on sale and it was gorgeous but I convinced myself that I "didn't need it"...turns out I did! I practically ran back the next day to get it and it was gone, never to be seen again! That was nearly a year ago and I still remember it...a very traumatic experience haha x

  5. great post enjoyed reading it! nice outfit too!


  6. beautiful photos:)

  7. This is style clothes no timeless,thanks for you share.

  8. Very cool! Yor hair is amazing!! Have a wonderful week sweetie!

  9. Love you eye,so charming.

  10. You look adorable.Want to buy the same type,follow you.

  11. Love you clothes,such a nice look!

  12. What an amazing outfit babe ♡