My Favorite Basic Items ♥

whenever I go for shopping I always consider buying things that I would wear frequently. these pictures will show you the basic items of ...

whenever I go for shopping I always consider buying things that I would wear frequently.
these pictures will show you the basic items of my latest Christmas shopping spree.
1. cropped top 
this is a perfect top for me. I pick the small size and it hugs me perfectly.
I don't like turtle-neck collar. but this collar is just fine.
2. high waist jeans
don't worry getting too sexy wearing crop top. the high waist definitely saves you.
perfect combo
3. black bag
choose the classic black bag for your everyday use. black is just great to pair with any outfit.
I pick the large size bag to put all my random stuff haha
4. the necklace
I'm not really into jewellery. but when I saw this cute necklace, I just thought of getting one for an investment.
the color is sapphire blue and warm pink made of metal
5. pretty shoes
buy the shoes you love the most especially the pretty ones.
black is okay. but this silver pair is great
6. hat hat hat
this is actually my friend's hat.
the grey color matches my silver shoes. I'm considering of getting a black bowler hat of my own
photos by steffi
crop top + jeans + necklace = hnm
bag - michael kors
loafers - zara

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  1. Great outfit! I love your shoes and necklace :)

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

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    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  3. awww, this is such a cute collection of clothes! :3

  4. Indeed a girlies, I have followed your GFC thanks for linking me back

  5. Great outfit! Everything fots together perfectly <3
    How about to follow each other? Just let me know and I follow you back <3

    Merry Xmas :*

  6. Love this outfit <3 I must follow your blog, love your style! Wanna follow me back? :)

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  8. oh wow I love your style! :) great blog!

  9. great dear, i like your outfit....looks very interesting and originaly...

  10. Lovely look!
    Kisses from Croatia :*

    P.S. visit my blog, I just started writing it, and , as you know, new readers are always welcome :)
    Would You like to follow eachother on GFC ? That way we could stay in touch :)
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    Happy holidays!

  11. Very cute outfit, I love your necklace!
    xo from Italy and happy holidays!
    Sonia Verardo

  12. Love your outfit dear! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  13. End Of The Perspectives.
    Finally Twenty Fifteen…i follow u…hope u'll follow me back.

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  14. nice outfit! i like your photos :-)

    xx, jessi

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  17. This is a very cute outfit, I also like black bowler hats, unfortunately hats just aren't something I can pull off. Love those shoes though, you have great style and I love how you have put some personality into your outfit.

  18. This is a great post. The pieces you've chosen are real basics, and they're so versatile. Also, they look great together. Nice outfit!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  19. Love your new hairstyle!
    were those pics taken in your hause?:)