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Holla, people! I'm doing great :) Recently, got these friends of mine talked to me about their confusion of which way to take. They&...

Holla, people!
I'm doing great :)
Recently, got these friends of mine talked to me about their confusion of which way to take.
They're trapped in this ultimate question : Should I? Or shouldn't I?
The classic answer is : It's your choice!
But I think there's more explanation to make it clearer of which path to choose in life.
Hmm, lets see!
She's a girl who really has a big passion in teaching.
But for some reason, doesn't take it for real.
However, still got it in her mind until this very time.
I'm like : Yo! Go for it! Chase you dream!
She's like : I'm confused! Should I?
I'm like : But that's what you've been dreaming of since you're a kid, right?
She's like : Yep. But it doesn't feel right. You know what? I'm totally confused.
I'm like : Yes you are. You're not listening to your heart.
What's the point of getting much money but you hate what you're doing?
Being a teacher is so noble. Go for it!
As long as you have positive things to achieve, go chase it!
She's like : Well, I'll think about it.
I'm like : Yes, you SHOULD!
Life is too short to spend most of your time working on the job you hate.
If you get good salary from your job, that's nice!
But don't you ever complain at the load of work you're going to have.
You better find another job if the work is too hard for you.
 You complain about the work load, but you're not moving any inch from that spot.
What a waste!
Find a thing that you love!
Where you feel free to work and you like what you're doing.
Where a big amount of money is not your ultimate goal.
Where you can enjoy your time and being the best part of you.
It takes time to know what's your passion.
It's a process to find what you're really in to.
Some get it fast. Some get it slow.
Keep on digging what you love.
Once you get it, stick and fight for it!
Who says you can't achieve your dream?
You are a student now. You might be a college professor in the future.
You are an intern in an advertising office now. You might have your own too!
Just GO for it! NO excuse!
photos by steffi
bag ~ zara
light pants ~ bershka
platform ~ picnic
outer ~ thrift

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  5. You should be a motivotional speaker!! Great outfit btw! xx

  6. You are so adorable!♥

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  8. Aww.. your post are very positiv ! I feel happy when I'm reading your blog. ;)

    'Life is too short to spend most of your time working on the job you hate' - truth ;)

  9. I love to see what the girls are wearing in other countries. Fashion is global!

  10. love your watch!

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  17. I adore your watch <3 I love pastel colors :)
    Btw you look really beautiful!

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  19. This post is great, really nice, casual outfit. :)

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  21. love the vintage poster :D


  22. i looove those platform sandals <3

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  25. really cute look, love the stripes!

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