Fashion and Career Workshop by Laurier and Gogirl! Magazine ♥

Hey, fellas.  As I've promised you on the previous post, today I'm going to share my wonderful time with the precious Laurier an...

Hey, fellas. 
As I've promised you on the previous post, today I'm going to share my wonderful time with the precious Laurier and Gogirl Magazine. I'd like to say thank you so much to them for giving us the 10 finalists a chance to experience the unforgettable moment ever.
Alright folks, let's start the journey.
This is us posing in front of our hotel. 
Let me share you their names :
Felicita, Steffi, me, Keket, Rida, Astrid, Tresna, Ayu, Yova and Melisa.
You know what? I was so thrilled that Steffi won this competition too.
What's more exciting than wining a prize with your best friend?
We headed to a cute cafe and had a workshop about career and fashion.
The host was asking about where we live (we are from different parts of Indonesia), and how we feel about wining this competition.
No doubt! We're so excited!
Updating status on social media.
It supposed to be fun, but we all looked so serious on our phone :D
Feelin' thirsty, eh?
Please keep your attention, hahaha. I was staring at the floor, I guess?
Introducing ourselves to the audience. Oh no! I'm such an awkward person when it comes to public speaking. But it wasn't that bad though. Yeayyy.
"I'm Gladyssia Kinssy. I'm from Medan. I'm graduated from International Law Studies, blah blah blah..."
Posing with the speaker.
We had a fun game of pairing random outfits and picking a theme for it. Me and Yova was in one team. We called ours : When Denim Meets Retro.
We also got some free coupons. We're posing with Marissa Nasution (actress and presenter) and Nina Moran (Business Director of Gogirl Magazine).
Fun booth, yeayyness :D
Posing with Laurier team. Each of us got shopping vouchers and Laurier products.
Here we go!
Spending some time at the shoe rack. We're at New Look store in Senayan City.
I ended up buying a cartoon tee (I got it at the man's section but in XS size. I'm so in love with fun and easy tees) and a cute white and black purse.
Here we are with our full loaded shopping arms :D
We had a wonderful dinner with Sonia Eryka (fashion blogger) at Portico, Senayan City. What a great dine. We also talked about her experience on blogging and showed her our blogs too.
Last day!
Posing at the end after the photoshoot.
Until we see you again, fellas.
Glad that I have new friends.
This is the final touch!
Thank you again for Laurier and Gogirl Magazine.

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