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Hello there!  Today I want to share about my treasury findings. So it all started last time when I had a 4 days extra holidays from the...

Hello there! 
Today I want to share about my treasury findings.
So it all started last time when I had a 4 days extra holidays from the office.
At first, I didn't know what to do, and had no plans to do anything.
First day, I just spent my whole day at home. Sleeping, reading and watching craps on TV : )
Second day, I went to watch Iron Man 3 with my friend, since I had no time at all to watch it until that day.
Third day, I went shopping some clothes and daily needs.
And the fourth day, I didn't know what to do.
I walked around the house and ended up standing in front of the storeroom. 
Yeayy. Storeroom means TREASURE
So, I found some of my childhood story books, novels and comics.
Hilarious findings : )

If you are asking me what's my favorite readings, that Jennings novels is my answer. So funny, lovely story and once again, HILARIOUS.

This is a guilty pleasure confession, hehe. I love to read the mystery Japanese comics rather than that love-teenage-very predictable-cheesy story.

And I also found more treasure. These are all my journals. l've been writing on diaries since I was 7. I just love to write. I read some of them and most of it were telling about school, friends, and friends bio.
These are my cute diary when I was in elementary school.

These are my journals when I was in middle school

These are the ones from my high-school memories.
Lots of cheesy-love story in it. 
I met my boyfriend in the last year of high school, so the last pages of these journals are mostly about
 him and us : )

My college journals. I love turquoise very much !

Gogirl magazine loves to give journals as bonuses, that I think always looks very pretty. So I bought it and these are my journals right now : )

I love writing journals but I didn't expect that I have as much as these. Thanks to my lovely storeroom. 
I'll find more treasure-findings you've got inside when I have another spare time : )

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  1. Now I want to read again. Cool old school books :)
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  2. I love old Books - you know them, but every time you discover them new! Great Post! Lots of Love, Kyra
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  3. Interesting article. so hopefully we can enlightenment

  4. artikelnya menarik. dengan demikian semoga kita dapat pencerahannya

  5. keren buku@nya jadi semangat membaca

  6. I Remember lots of these books! loved many of them too !

    really enjoying your blog, Maybe you could pop mine some time.


  7. storeroom - you will never know what you can find there ;)

    I'm following your blog. Hope you'll follow back.