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Happy Valentine's Day ! I'm so glad to meet you guys again. It's been a busy week for me, but hey, I still have some time to...

Happy Valentine's Day !

I'm so glad to meet you guys again.

It's been a busy week for me, but hey, I still have some time to post :)


I know the Christmas season just passed last December, but some of the countries are still struggling with cold weather.

One of my friend (my knitting guru) who left Indonesia for Korea last Wednesday, told me that the weather there is like minus 16 degree. Wow, that's totally freezing. She prepared herself with warm knitted mittens made absolutely by herself, boots, ear covers, jacket, warm pants and absolutely sweater. Well, someday maybe I'll go to find out how cold is it there. Seriously, I really want to go! All my life, I've been staying in a hot tropical weather region. We don't have snow here. The only cold season is just some rainy and wet days that sometimes can turn into a super heavy rain and will last with flood every where.

Well, my point is, I just love sweater! Lately I've been working on my knitting project. I made a hat and some headbands. By knitting, I can find out all the beautiful patterns that can be created. Sweater is on of the hardest piece of clothing to make by knitting, especially if it made by hands. I did find some difficulties making a nice piece of knitting art work, even for a simple one like hat. So I can imagine how hard is to create a beautiful sweater made by hands.

Today's outfit is me wearing white sweater. I'm in love with this pattern (cable pattern) in the front and back side of this sweater.
Even though it's hot here in Medan, I still can wear it in some places. Mostly will wear it on evenings. But I just love to take pictures when it's sunny, so who cares. It's like 30 something degree in my city that day. Weeww, but fortunately it's not that hot to wear it. I think because the material of the sweater is soft and I'm just comfort wearing it (well, not the whole day, please! Just for the photo session hahaha*)

So here are some of the pics, enjoy fellas :)

braided hair-band (unbranded) ♥ green shirt (somewhere in Medan)  
♥ white sweater (H&M) denim shorts (Levi's) ♥ pink wrist watch (KL Daiso) ♥  black tights (unbranded)aztec wrist band and mint loafers (brands outlet KL)

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  3. I love the jumper - really cute!

  4. you look so adorable! loving the little bow brooch!!:) I have a giveaway on my blog and I would love to invite you to join! one big kiss!!


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  6. lovely, friend!

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  7. Great look, I like your style <3
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  8. nice look! love the shoes :)