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Happy Tuesday everyone ! Today I want to share about my favorite magazine to all of you my lovely readers :D Please welcome Gogirl! Magaz...

Happy Tuesday everyone !

Today I want to share about my favorite magazine to all of you my lovely readers :D
Please welcome Gogirl! Magazine Yeayyyy!
I really love every single pages inside this magazine. And I always can't wait for the next month issue of it.

Here's a little sneak peek of Gogirl Magazine!

Gogirl was founded by three sisters who were magazine freaks since their childhood.
Simply with minimum fund plus maximum confidence, Gogirl editorial staff first operated on 29th November 2004 in their home basement!
The 1st issue was published on February 2005. Even though the target of this magazine is for readers aged 15 - 23, but actually it can be read by everyone on every ages. They even received letters from elementary student readers, boys and young mothers! This magazine is like okay with any ages because it contains lots of useful articles for everyone and not only for teenage girls. Great, eh?

The tag line of  Gogirl is Magazine For Real. They want to be "the real magazine" ~ a magazine that contains feature & tips that is realistic and can be used in daily life, wearable fashion pages, not using very formal language and a hand size magazine. That's the reason they picked Magazine For Real as a tag line.

I've been a loyal reader of Gogirl since high school. I always love the way they combine all the goods from useful articles, tips and very update fashion pages into one colorful and lovely magazine! I just can't stand to miss an issue every month. It's like A MUST to have it and it's on the top of the list of what to do each month :)

So right now I want to share a bit of what's inside the January 2013 issue of Gogirl!
They picked different issue every month. This month's issue is : Pop Writing Issue.
It is clearly explained about how to publish your writing (self publish, e-ways, print on demand), how to make a creative writing with non fiction formula, a success story that can transform useful tweets to books, experiences of publishers of what's the most likely books to be released, and writing advice from the writers and book authors. A very complete readings if you are interested to write. I think all of it is a very helpful writings. It's simple, not hard to understand and grows a desire to make a writing at least a simple one.

The fashion pages are very update as usual (my favorite pages to sneak), and I'm so in love with all the colors in it. 

And beauty pages..

I really fell in love with this month 'do it yourself project' :
~ Layer Chain Headdress ~

And instead of making it with chain, I did it by crocheting red yarn. Not bad, eh? I have an interest on knitting and crocheting lately, so anytime I get a chance to make a thing with a yarn, I just do it! Like crazy in love with it :)

Those are some of the pages inside Gogirl!
I think all of them are really cool.
And because I'm so in love with this issue, I then took some pictures with the 
'almost look alike outfit' on one of the fashion pages :

...so here are some photos of me holding my favorite magazine ~ GOGIRL!

knit hair-band (made it myself) ♥ necklace (chicnova
♥ pink wrist watch (KL Daiso) ♥  denim jacket - unbranded  ♥ flowery skirt (chicnova) ♥ red satchel bag (romwe) ♥ shoes (PICNIC
♥ and GOGIRL MAGAZINE (7/11 Jakarta)

These are some of my Gogirl magazine. Really love to read it over and over again. 
Thank you so much dear my favorite magazine :)
You really inspire me in so many ways

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  1. stefiii,, i won it :)
    Thank you so much for your and Tibby's help! Muah! Love you guys :D

  2. Cool pictures
    Thank you for your commment. I follow you and I would be happy if you decide to follow me back:-)

    How to wear nude?

  3. Thank you :)
    Following you on gfc :)

  4. You look absolutely amazing! Love your skirt and bag!

    I am hosting a Chicnova giveaway on my blog where you can win 30 dollars to spend there. I will be really happy if you join it. :)

  5. Thanks for reading :)
    I'll go check your blog then!